Small Boat Commercial Salmon Fishermens' Association

Who We Are - What We Do

SBCSFA is a full, voting member of the Board of Directors of Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations (PCFFA), and is the only association which represents the small boat commercial salmon fishermen who are not aligned with a port association.

SBCSFA’s Board of Directors pledges to be proactive in regulatory and legislative meetings on your behalf and to report to you through frequent newsletters and meetings on seasons, legislation, etc.

SBCSFA holds seminars and swap meets, which provide ongoing information to help you improve your catch and save you money.

SBCSFA provides member discounts on Flares, EPIRBs, Buoyant Apparatus, Antennas and other items of fishing gear.

What is PCFFA doing for me or who wants me off the water?

Central Valley water contractors & municipal water users want us off the water. The only thing between them and our water is PCFFA and your local association.

Powerful timber and large corporate agribusiness want us off the water. PCFFA leadership, working with cooperative land owners and against those who don’t want change, is the primary reason for both the Sacramento River salmon, which are most of our catch, and the survival of our commercial fishing opportunity.

Fish farms around the world want us off the water. Without the competition of our superior wild salmon, they will have virtual monopoly of the salmon market.

Although PCFFA has developed good working relationships with many of the sport organizations, some want us off the water. It’s only because of PCFFA and our Salmon Stamp program that "their" fish even exist! We all need PCFFA.

SBCSFA Purpose
The purpose of the Association is to serve the needs and interests of California Small Boat Commercial Salmon Fishermen in activities which bear upon the business of commercial salmon fishing. Included is the monitoring of those regulatory and legislative activities which effect the conservation, maintenance, and enhancements of the commercial salmon fishery. As proud members of this association, and recognizing the hardships and dangers of commercial fishing, members, whenever possible, will provide aid to other members in times of distress.

What’s an association good for?

Commercial fishing associations are our watchdogs over government fisheries policy decisions. We need our association to ensure that commercial fishermen’s interests are represented adequately.

To be effective, fishing organizations need independent science apart from NMPS to maintain fair access to commercial fishing.

We can maintain our fishing and way of life by using our numbers. We can survive if we unite.

Our fishing associations are our connection between government agencies and commercial fishermen as we are faced with the ever more challenging task of earning a living on the water.

The message is clear we need our fishing associations. Make a pledge, join today.