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NOAA Western Regional Headquarters

Cape Mendocino - Point Arena 10-60 miles

Point Arena - Pigeon Point 10-60miles

Pigeon Point - Piedras Blancas 10-60 miles

Monterey Bay ~ San Francisco Bay

Tides at the Golden Gate ~ Currents at the Golden Gate (don't forget to click on the current month) graph for currents at the Golden Gate

Cape Mendocino - Point Arena out to 10 Miles - 7 day forecast 1 mile NW Ft. Bragg

Point Arena to Point Reyes out to 10 Miles - 7 day forecast 2 miles SW Bodega

Point Reyes - Pigeon Point out to 10 Miles -7 day forecast for Bolinas

Pigeon Point - Point Pinos out to 10 Miles - 7 day forecast 2 miles S Montara

Piedras Blancas - Point Arguello westward 60 Miles

Northern California Buoy Data

Combined NOAA & CDIP Buoy Summary

Offshore, Pt. Arena, Bodega, S.F., HMB, Monterey

SFSU Meteorology Page

Sea Level Pressure and Surface Observations

Jet Stream Analysis

Wind & Swell Observations whole Coast

Deep Water Swell Pt. Arena to Ano Nuevo - Bolinas to Half Moon Bay -Monterey Swell

Wave Forecast Animation (this one takes a while to load..)

Sea Surface Temperatures :
Terrafin free images ~ US Navy, Eureka-Ensenada ~ NOAA/NESDIS 14 km, California ~ Tempbreak.com

NOAA's Coastwatch has a very nice SST image that's a little harder to retrieve: Click on this link, than click on "access coast watch satellite data", than click on "visual catalogue" and finally click on the area of interest on the satellite image to get at the sst picture (yeah, our government isn't making it too easy..., also the satellite has problems - so it doesn't work sometimes)

Yahoo Weather:
Eureka ~ ~ Ft. Bragg ~~Bodega ~ ~ San Francisco ~ ~ Monterey ~ ~ Morro Bay ~ ~

Rio De Janeiro

San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner Weather Page


Dial A Buoy ~ you can now call the buoy data center's computer from any touch tone phone & get info from any buoy (or c-man station) you want. The new number for this service is: (888) 701-8992 After being prompted just dial in the station number (Point Arena 46014 Bodega Bay 46013 San Francisco Light Bucket 46026 Half Moon Bay 46012 Monterey 46042) and follow the instructions (-: