Small Boat Commercial Salmon Fishermens' Association


We're in the process of gathering information. This may take a while, but we'll install links as soon as we can. If you could supply us with useful info about your harbor we'd appreciate it.

Click on the harbor of your choice to find more info on what services the harbor offers, which associations are at home there, what other marine related businesses are in the area, etc...

San Diego ~ Ventura ~ Santa Barbara ~ Morro Bay ~ Monterey ~ Moss Landing ~ Santa Cruz ~ Half Moon Bay ~ San Francisco ~ Bodega ~ Shelter Cove ~ Ft. Bragg ~

Please use the numbers below as reference - but be aware that numbers sometimes change, and those who change the numbers don't always call to inform us!

San Francisco:

Harbor Office 415-274-0533

Harbor Fax 415-274-0628

Ice & Fish Co-op (Morgan Fish) 415-441-4495

Fuel Dock (General Petroleum) 415-673-2928

Chandlery (Coast Marine) 415-673-1923

Coffee Shop (Franceshi's) 415-771-9371

Coast Guard (Group S.F.) 415-399-3451

S.F. Police Dept. Marine Unit 415-834-0555

Calif. Dept. of Fish & Game 650-688-6340

Bodega: Area Code (707)

Harbor Office: 875-3535

Fuel Dock: 875-3535

Ice Dock: 875-3535

Coast Guard: 875-3597

Half Moon Bay: Area Code (650)

Harbor Office 726-4723

Fuel Dock: 726-4419

Ice Dock: 726-4419

Coast Guard: (415) 399-3451

Humboldt Bay: Area Code (707)

Harbor Office: 443-0801

Fuel Dock: 444-9266

Ice Dock:443-5663

Coast Guard:839-6113

Monterey: Area Code (831)

Harbor Office: 646-3950

Fuel Dock: 647-9402

Ice Dock: 655-8326

Coast Guard: 647-7303

Morro Bay: Area Code (805)

Harbor Office:772-6254

Fuel Dock: 772-8617

Ice Dock: 772-1392

Coast Guard: 772-2167

Moss Landing: Area Code (831)

Harbor Office: 633-2461

Fuel Dock: 633-2620

Ice Dock: 633-5160

Coast Guard: 647-7303

Santa Barbara: Area Code (805)

Harbor Office: 564-5530

Fuel Dock: 962-7186

Ice Dock: 962-7186

Coast Guard: (310) 732-2045

Santa Cruz: Area Code (831)

Harbor Office: 475-6161

Fuel Dock: 476-2648

Ice Dock: 475-6161

Coast Guard: 647-7303