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Thanks to the Berkeley Marine Center for sponsoring this page. A nice yard, expert boatwrights, reasonable rates & strong coffee. Click here to send them e-mail.

For starters I would like to point two great weekly newsletters out to you: The first comes from the Institute for Fisheries Resources and includes all kinds of fishing related news. For a free subscription to Fishlink, contact majordomo@pond.net with the words "subscribe fishlink" in the body of the text (the request is not case sensitive).

The second Newsletter comes to you from the Friends of the American Rivers and contains lots of important facts about the state of our rivers. Both of them are free subscriptions & I highly recommend them. Just click on the links to get you there.

Another excellent source of environmental news comes from (believe it or not) Yahoo, this page is updated just about daily with articles from various newspapers. Check it out & add this link to your "Favorites" (-:

Heads Up! is a collaborative project of Oregon Sea Grant and the Women's Coalition for Pacific Fisheries providing "News connecting the West Coast Fishing Industry"